11 Best Products at Sephora, According to Cool Fashion Girls

When double-tapping through our favorite fashion influencers’ Instagram feeds, we can’t help but notice that some of their beauty games seem to be really strong. Sure, we come to Sabina Socol for her chic Parisian ‘fits, but her effortlessly wavy hair is equally intriguing. And, yeah, Claire Most boasts some of our favorite streetwear styling on the internet, but her flawless skin and fantastic hair deserve just as much recognition.

In an effort to decode the beauty vibes of some of the coolest fashion girls of 2019, we tapped six influencers and asked them all one simple question: If we gave you $50 to spend at Sephora on whatever you wanted, what would you buy? Keep scrolling to see their 11 hair, makeup, and skincare picks.