10 Winter Items Celebrities Based in NYC Always Wear

Dressing for winter in New York City comes with its own set of (many) challenges. There’s a frequent chance of inclement weather, and walking is one of the primary modes of transportation for a New Yorker. Oh, and it’s cold—sometimes very much so. All of this leaves New Yorkers uniquely qualified to know how to smartly dress for winter. To exemplify this, we looked to stylish NYC-based celebrities (part-time, at least) who are frequently photographed.

Below, you’ll find 10 outfits worn by the aforementioned celebrities that expertly display how to dress for an NYC winter (or a winter anywhere). Feel free to take these outfit ideas and run with them, and if you’re seeking to build your winter wardrobe, I’ve named 10 items that I see NYC-based celebs wear over and over when it’s cold. Scroll for outfit ideas galore and to shop those essential items.