10 TSA-Approved Beauty Essentials for Travel

You know the feeling you get when you’re halfway to the airport and suddenly remember that one important item you forgot to pack? That used to happen to me every time. In fact, I still leave myself Post-its on the door that read, “prescriptions, glasses, contacts, passport” just to be sure I don’t forget—until I decided to adopt a strategic packing technique. While there’s still the occasional slipup (curse you, wandering AirPods!), I can confidently say that I finally have my travel beauty essentials down pat. The trick? They never leave my suitcase. 

As neither a frequent nor infrequent flyer, I used to think that it wasn’t necessary to purchase travel-size items or minis of my favorite products—the cost per use just didn’t add up—until I realized how much more relaxing a vacation or business trip can be when I don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Let’s face it: Hotel toiletries can be hit-or-miss, checked luggage doesn’t always arrive when you do, and there’s not always a convenient drugstore nearby to pick up an emergency spot treatment. After suffering through each of these travel pain points more than once, I now keep my 10 essential, TSA-approved beauty products in a cosmetics pouch tucked inside my go-to carry-on bag at all times. 

While I encourage you to evaluate what “essential” means for your personal on-the-go beauty regimen, the below products have helped me maintain my hair, skin, and makeup routine from coast to coast. Browse below to shop my favorites, and start putting together your own set-it-and-forget-it travel beauty kit!