10 Timeless Fall Fashion Trends That Are So Effortless

Confession: While, as an editor, I pride myself on knowing the latest trends and staying ahead of the curve in regard to what’s cool in fashion, when it comes to what I’ll actually wear, I’m a pretty late adopter. When I see something bubble up, I like to sit on it for a while (which could mean anything from weeks to months) and make sure I feel like it’s actually worth my money and closet space before investing. Oftentimes, I get it right, and, of course, sometimes I get it wrong, but up until now, I’ve done a decent job with buying pieces that can stick with me for the long haul—and so have my colleagues.

That’s why I asked them to share which of last year’s fall trends they would still wear this coming season in order to get a sense of what pieces are on their way to becoming classics rather than being on their way out. To see, read about, and shop the 10 trends that made the cut (including my own pick), just keep scrolling.