10 Stylish Office Outfits I Wore in the Last 2 Weeks

A lot of fashion girls, myself included, have a folder on their phone called “outfits” where they try to snap photos of their looks they want to reference or repeat again when running short on inspiration. The key word is try. Remembering to actually take the pic and add it to the folder though? Easier said than done. So, I figured I’d force myself to get serious about cataloging outfits by turning it into a story for Who What Wear.

If it’s on my to-do list at work, naturally my odds of getting it done significantly increase. Two weeks of outfit snaps later, it was interesting to see what pieces I wear over and over, which color schemes I wear the most, and which silhouettes look best in photos. Scroll down to see my work outfits for two weeks straight, and shop the looks.