10 Simple Fall Trends That Basically Style Themselves

If you’re like me, figuring out ways to work the latest trends into your wardrobe every day requires the luxury of time you don’t always have. Not only that, some trends are just plain complicated, and the average shopper might not even have existing items in their wardrobe to wear with them. For all of these reasons, I’ve opted to narrow the multitude of fall trends down to the easiest-to-style ones.

To fully appreciate these easy-to-style trends, it’s best to think about what’s considered tricky to style. In my opinion, that’s anything that doesn’t look good with jeans, trends that aren’t appropriate for a variety of occasions, and trends that are too, well, trendy, to combine with other trends. Although some of these trends may not look simple at first glance, I promise that feathers and leather clothing don’t need much else to shine (hence the promise that they basically style themselves). Trust me—these are effortless. Scroll to find out why.