10 Popular Bags That Will Define Fall Style

Each season, we are greeted with a whole new class of covetable bags that end up defining the fashion of the moment. Looking ahead, we can already predict which styles will be carried by celebs and fashion insiders and are destined to become the most popular fall handbags of 2019. Whether spotted on runways or trickling into our Instagram feeds, there are plenty of cool bags that have already started to gain traction. So which bags are worthy of the investment this year?

From affordable bags priced under $300 to the next styles to know about from luxury brands, ahead I’m highlighting the ten key handbags that will be everywhere this fall. We’re seeing some styles that tap into this season’s big bag trend, some that are retro-inspired, and others that bring a modern spin to a heritage bag. Go on to see which bags made the cut, why we’re predicting they will be huge, and of course shop all ten of them for yourself.