10 Popular Baby Name Trends To Look Out For In 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, baby name experts are looking back at the name choices and trends that inspired parents of newborns this year. They’re also looking ahead to 2019 and predicting which baby name ideas and styles will dominate nurseries nationwide.

The editors of Nameberry compiled their predictions for the new year, identifying a dozen trends set to influence baby names in 2019 and offering some notable examples. These categories draw from nature, colors and even specific letters and sounds.

Keep scrolling for a look at some of the trends, and visit Nameberry to read the full list.

Muted Colors

The Nameberry editors see bold color names like Scarlett and Ruby giving way to softer pastels like Lilac and Lavender ― as well as a rise in muted color names like Grey/Gray, Ivory and Fawn.


Common jewel-related names are Ruby, Pearl and Amber for girls, but the Nameberry team predicts a rise in “less common gem names” for both girls and boys.

The Letter ‘F’

“For a letter that had been sitting quietly in the shadows for decades, F has suddenly rocketed forward, particularly for boys, and particularly for boys’ names of Irish descent,” wrote the Nameberry editors.

Three-Letter Names

These short names may be due to climb up the popularity lists in 2019.

Vintage Nicknames For Boys

The Nameberry editors wrote they were surprised by “the nascent revival of early 20th century faves like Johnny and Jimmy and Billy on birth certificates, names which once were confined to comic strips and old radio and TV shows.”

The Animal Kingdom

Many parents are making animal-related picks for their kids’ middle names.

The ‘U’ Vowel

Although “U” isn’t a popular letter to start baby names, the vowel sound may feature in the middle of increasingly common names like Luna and Hugo.

Gender-Neutral Picks

The Nameberry team predicts a rise in names that aren’t strongly associated with a particular gender identity.

Famous Last Names

The last names of celebrities like David Beckham, John Lennon and David Bowie may crop up in more rankings.

Fewer Em- Names

After years of Emma and Emily dominating popularity lists, Nameberry sees a decline in names beginning with Em- like those below.