10 Of The Highest-Rated Turkish Towels On Amazon

Pestemal, fouta, or a plain ol’ Turkish towels. Call them what you want, but however you fold it, these vibrant linens are popping up everywhere this summer, from pools and beaches, to travelers’ carry-on bags as versatile scarves and blankets, and even Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

Turkish towels aren’t anything new. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, originally used in, you guessed it, Turkish baths, where their striped designs and hand-tied fringe became synonymous with personal care.

They’re made from Turkish cotton, which is a premium cotton that has extra long fibers, giving them their signature lightweight style, high absorption and strong design. Because they’re so lightweight (practically half the thickness of an everyday bath towel) they also dry much faster, cutting down on laundry time and the likelihood they’ll mildew.

If you’re looking to swap your everyday bath towels with Turkish towels, we’ve found some of the best ones on Amazon. Take a look below. 

 Here, 10 of the highest-rated Turkish towels on Amazon