10 Instagram-Approved Ways to Wear White Jeans in Winter

If you’re like us, you associate white garments with spring and summer—think crisp white tops, white maxi dresses, and white shorts. However, we like to make our own rules when it comes to dressing up, no matter the season.

White garments, specifically, white jeans, are quite enticing during the winter as much as they are during the summer. Plus, when you think about it, they make more sense to be worn during the winter. With white snow falling one day and sunny weather the next, white jeans capture our weather’s mood swings quite well. Plus, they go with everything you already have in your closet—especially those new trends you’re dying to try out.

That being said, we scouted our favorite Instagram looks from our go-to style stars. The best part of investing in a pair of white jeans? Once spring rolls around, they will be your go-to pair and you’ll already know which colors, prints, and textures they look best with. Win-win.