10 Fall Trends That Look Crazy Good With Your Jeans

It’s 80 degrees and sunny without a cloud in the sky. I’m currently wearing a floral midi dress and looking forward to an ice-cold margarita (and ice cream) after work. So why in the name of billowy blouses am I sitting here talking about fall? Well, we always love to keep two steps ahead of the fashion curve here at Who What Wear, and in our opinion, it’s never too early to get acquainted with next season’s trends. After all, this knowledge will help inform your purchases in the months ahead.

We’ve already touched on the biggest fall trends and color trends we’re expecting to see next season, and today we’re going to share which of these happen to look pretty darn amazing with your jeans. Let’s face it once fall rolls around, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of our denim—so it’s only fitting to see what styles we should be investing in to complement them. From layered knitwear, shearling boots, and modern corsets scroll below to see what 10 trends to wear with your jeans come fall.