10 Ethical Clothing Brands You Can Feel 100% Good Wearing

Now more than ever, it’s imperative we all make more eco-conscious decisions. Reducing our plastic use is one major step—you know, skipping plastic straws, using canvas totes, and buying items in bulk to avoid unnecessarily packaging. Ride-sharing, biking, and limiting water use are other small steps you can take to do your part. And finally, supporting companies and brands that make ethical and sustainable decisions when producing their clothes is so important, especially considering the impact the fashion industry has on the environment.

Fast fashion might be your current go-to, but that’s not always the best decision for your closet, wallet, or the environment. There’s a reason some of the clothing you buy is so cheap—and when you take a deep dive into the production processes, you might think twice about purchasing said pieces. It’s 2019, and luckily, there are many ethical clothing brands using sustainable production processes and fabrics, removing plastic from their packaging to being completely transparent with their customers.

Ahead, 10 ethical clothing brands you can feel 100 percent good about wearing, plus what each is doing to make style sustainable.