10 Different Jobs You Can Have at a Fashion Company

Department & Job Title: Creative Department, Editorial Producer

What are the 3 most important things you do?
I manage our photo and production team(s) to bring our original, editorial photo content to life. I execute all of our original editorial photo shoots from start to finish. I work with a range of talented photographers, directors, stylists, and artists to create your favorite Who What Wear fashion and celeb photo + video editorials.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received?
“Rome wasn’t built in a day”.. is very sage advice. It’s classic, yet I constantly have to remind myself that I can’t do a day’s worth of work in an hour; even if I wanted to. I also found mentors very early on in my 20s and couldn’t have gotten anywhere without people showing me the way. My job isn’t something that’s necessarily taught in school. I have a degree in Design Management, which helps, but really my job is all about being creative, finding solutions to problems, and maintaining relationships. These are things I’ve learned on the job and from watching others in my field.

What motivates you the most?
I have a ton of plates spinning at all times, which can get really crazy. Sometimes when my schedule gets really packed, and I have stress dreams and a really early call time at a remote location; I ask myself why I do what I do. The answer is truly that I’ve met more amazing people doing this job than I would doing any other (IMO). I’ve met some of my best friends, as well as tons of amazing work relationships, at work or on set. I’ve gotten to go to some really crazy locations, travel, and work with really amazing teams + photographers. So even after a long day on set or having three, 12-hour days back to back, once the stories we create come out, it’s worth it. I love getting a tangible representation of your work and ideas. That makes it all worth it- creating something you’re proud of with amazing friends and teams.