10 Amazon Shopping Secrets You Should Be Using Regularly

At this point, it’s impossible not to recognize the convenience of Amazon. From the comfort of home or through the ease of a phone, you can shop for any type of product—from everyday essentials to occasional treats—through a search, scroll, and click. Pick out kitchen appliances and groceries, and then peruse cute shoes and accessories. Buy the latest books and technology, and later watch award-winning shows and movies. Whatever you’re hoping to find, Amazon aims to have it. And if you have Amazon Prime, the company can get it to you in two days or less.

And yet, as convenient as Amazon may be, it’s still possible to make it an even easier aspect of modern life. We gathered the 10 Amazon shopping secrets that stretch dollars further and make more efficient use of time with the help of simple links and under-the-radar services. From allowing you to save money on items you use all the time, protecting big purchases from getting swiped at your front door, or sharing the cost of a Prime membership with a loved one, these tricks are sure to come in handy now or later. Read on to get our recommendations, and see how simple they are to use.